The facts are fossil fuel power plants are destroying ecosystems on our one and only planet. There is a limited supply of coal and gas left on the planet and will run out before the next century.

Nuclear power leaves waste that is highly radioactive for centuries. Wind and solar are the power sources of electricity in our future and the sooner we change the better off the planet will be. We are not wasting farm land with solar fields or wind turbines; if anything we are preserving that land from constant erosion caused by farming.

Farm fields are brown dead plots over half of the year, while solar farm is green with green year around. If you are against solar and wind power, what you need to do is go off grid by quit using all electrical devices and lower the demand for electricity or join the fight to save the planet.

We fight today so that our great-grandchildren won’t have to suffer in an unlivable world.

My idea would be to convert old abandoned stores like the Marsh stores into grow farms. Solar panels covering the roof powering the grow lights inside. Rain water from the roof and surroundings filtered and stored for watering plants. This would make use of eyesore buildings, create jobs and grow food in an environment free of outside weather.

Tim Mahaffey, Middletown