We had an election and the American people voted a landslide victory against Obama, while those on the liberal side ran away from him. This could be the first step in moving our country back to the limited government that our founders envisioned.

Then the house had an election and re-elected John Boehner as speaker. Upon winning he joined the RING's in calling those who voted against him, "right wingers," "radicals" and the "fringe element." This should give the liberals hope. Boehner does a good job castigating Obama in front of the cameras but will not stand his ground when it comes to a vote. Our new members were elected on getting rid of Obamacare and no amnesty for illegals, but those in charge will do nothing that could endanger their careers.

We send some good people to Congress, in both parties, but once they arrive, those in leadership will not allow them to keep their promises. I can't see any real change until we get rid of career politicos by demanding term limits. Term limits must be a grass-roots movement; our greedy elite aren't going to fire themselves.

Frank Bush


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