I need to address the comments that Sam Heiser wrote a week or so ago about John Simmermon and him being fired from the BZA and the 500-foot setbacks.

Firstly, if you lived in this county, or even in this area, you would have known that John Simmermon's time was up as of the first Monday in January of 2019, being that his term was for four years. He was allowed to serve until his successor was appointed because there was a delay in appointments. His successor was appointed. He was not fired; he was replaced as the law states in Indiana.

As for the setbacks, I believe you are upset because it is taking away the money that Invenergy was giving you for the extra 250 feet. John Simmermon was not the one who required these setbacks; it was, in fact, the CSN (Concerned Solar Neighbors) who required them. The people of Madison County have to live with these 15-foot solar panels, you don't. Of course, though, you're the one who's upset.

Liz Stansberry, Elwood