I am greatly troubled by the news that the Anderson Community Schools board of education has been unwilling to accept the offer of a biracial group of city leaders to meet and share thoughts about the hiring of a new school superintendent.

There is no doubt in my mind that the board members have the best interests of all students in their hearts. I also am certain that the signers of the letter have the best interests of all students in their hearts.

In reading the Saturday discussion of the racism that has existed in Anderson for years, it seems that the crux of the situation is a misunderstanding of what are the best interests of ALL students. The population of Anderson is certainly biracial in terms of the skin color of its residents. The fact is that there is really only one race, and that is the human race. The need for calm, honest discussion among members of the human race, minus the division of skin color or any other distraction, is evident. Cultural differences exist. They need to be understood.

Let's have the discussion, with an understanding that there are no "good guys-bad guys" or "smart or not-so-smart" people in the city, just parents who want their kids to be prepared to become the best they can be and kids who need love and encouragement as they learn what they need to know to become the best they can be.

Barbara Bowman, Anderson

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