Currently the U.S. is faced with the impact of China’s upcoming tariffs, a response to President Trump’s attempt to undo trade discrepancies between our two countries. As a nation, we are then faced with how we should react to such a situation.

Francis Schaeffer, some 50 years ago, was keenly aware that, as a population, we were becoming concerned with two important factors, for which we might give up liberties: personal peace and abundance.

Today we are faced with the decision. Here is what Matt Dabbs, minister in Auburn, Alabama, says about it:

“How sad it is when values are exchanged for goods and services and when ideals are traded for peace and affluence. How much will we give up in order to maintain our quality of life? How much of our faith will we be willing to compromise? How many of our values will we willingly flush down the toilet in the name of maintaining our stuff, our position, our power? Who do we and those who come after us become as a result of this sort of thinking and behaving?

These are sobering thoughts and we see the effects of this kind of thinking playing out all around us today. May we be the generation that stands up for what is right and holy and just. Let us be willing to check our comfort, our peace, even our affluence at the door if it means God is glorified, wrongs are righted and godly principles and values are upheld.”

I stand with Dabbs.

Jim Clark, Frankton

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