Back a hundred years ago in Trump time, in January, I wrote to my senators at the request of the good people at MoveOn. I asked both senators to stand up, be men, and patriots and to vote for new evidence and witnesses. It would’ve been nice to hear what John Bolton had to say back then. I also asked them to follow their oaths and to save our nation from Donald Trump by voting for impeachment.

If you missed it, they didn’t have it in them. I did get a letter from Mike Braun, in it, Mike repeated Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine propaganda that had been proven to be lies by every intelligence agency at that time. Thirty years ago, pushing Russian propaganda would get a person kicked out of the GOP.

Bolton’s new book reveals a lot of interesting things about the Republican-backed president. Trump thinks China’s concentration camps was “exactly the right thing to do” and encouraged Chinese leader Xi Jinping to “go ahead with building the camps.” Hitler, Stalin and Moa were all big fans of concentration camps. Having a president that supports unlawful detention of million of human beings in death camps, makes you wonder how low the GOP will go.

Bolton also reveals Trump begged Xi for a trade deal to help him get reelected. Makes you wonder what Trump gave to Xi for the deal they made. Interesting that Trump is running an ad attacking Joe Biden over China.

Tim Mahaffey, Middletown

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