I was fairly shocked to see front-page coverage of a QAnon march labeled as a march against child sex trafficking. There was a paragraph disclaimer about QAnon being debunked conspiracy theories, but this movement goes far beyond that.

There are great articles you can Google that explain how widespread and ludicrous QAnon has become. It has now been listed as an FBI domestic terrorist threat responsible for crimes. I tried to include the definition of QAnon from a Los Angeles Magazine article titled, "The Conspiracy Cult That's Devouring America," but the wording in the definition could not be submitted to this website since it contained violence. Yet, The Herald Bulletin gave its followers front-page coverage.

I really hope this paper will include a much more in-depth piece on what this movement really stands for. Being against sex trafficking is a good thing, but the QAnon movement attached itself to that good thing to spread its crazy conspiracy theories. Social media spreads so many lies; I wish everyone would take time to fact check.

There are people pushing QAnon who are making lots of money for doing so. Don't buy their lies. Easy answers and conspiracy theories aren't going to help us solve our complex problems; in the end, they just create more problems.

Mary Jo Williams, Anderson

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