I had not intended to respond to the Jan. 7 article in your paper which included remarks from a local man about the events that took place in our nation’s capital on Jan. 6. However, as I thought about it, people of good conscience cannot allow the false Donald Trump narrative to continue.

First, there were not hundreds of thousands of people participating in this insurrection.

You cannot assume that every visitor in Washington, D.C., on that day were there to support this insurrection. Second, if this crowd was ever calm and well behaved, and that did not appear to be the case on the coverage I saw, then the actions of speakers, including Donald Trump, his son, and his attorney, are even more reprehensible.

Clearly by the time these speakers were done the crowd was not calm and well behaved.

Finally, twice in the article it was stated “one or two people” acted improperly. The insurrection, the breaching of our Capitol Building and the vandalism of that building, was done by thousands of people, with thousands more cheering them on. We watched it unfold on television. This was an attempted coup, led by the sitting president of the United States and his son, and resulted in a wall being placed around our Capitol Building. As has been stated, Jan. 6, 2021, is a day that will live in infamy as the day when Donald Trump, his family, and a mob they and other speakers encouraged invaded our nation’s capital and tried to violently seize power.

Jim King, Anderson

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