250 words couldn't even start to allow me to express the outrage I feel toward this "paper," the editor, the Democrats, and news media in general.

This paper has failed to adequately convey true news about President Donald Trump since he became president. Any hit piece will do though. At least one hate Trump article, or hate letter is published each day. The national news media is even worse with constant barrages of vitriolic hate, and outright lies toward President Trump. While anything Joe Biden says, does, is treated as gospel. News outlets won't show any of his gaffs, or they cover them up. Guess this incompetent geriatric is untouchable.

Some in the Republican Party hate Mr. Trump more than do Democrats. They call themselves Republicans while causing as much chaos to Trump as possible. They need to be referred to as Democrats. The hatred toward Mr. Trump the last four years and all the efforts to remove him from a duly elected office is now coming back to bite the slingers of the excrement, the Democrats. Now Biden, and the left are calling for unity, communication, calm, restraint, while possessing none of it the last four years. Why now? Well folks, it don't work that way. You reap what you sow, enjoy living with the results of your efforts. I have no sympathy for you.

Raymond Goodson, Anderson

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