Regarding the recent picture of the 24 wooden crosses in Grove Lawn Cemetery that states "24 white crosses stand at the graves of servicemen buried at Grove Lawn Cemetery in Pendleton who served their country in World War II" is not true.

Some but not all of these men are buried there. So this is misleading. It started when I saw my dad's cousin's name on one. He was killed in France and buried there first. Then a few years later his father paid to have his remains brought back and buried in Alexandria Park Cemetery. I questioned a lady there about this and she said these crosses were just in memory of these 24 soldiers, not that they were all buried there.

So I made a mission of finding where they were buried and I gave that list of where these soldiers are truly buried to the Fall Creek Historical building there in the park. I also gave them a copy to give to the town clerk who takes care of the cemetery. So anyone wanting to know for sure where these 24 soldiers are buried should ask to see that list.

Nola J. Martin, Anderson

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