Forty years ago, I was at a local business, when two teenage girls came in and asked who owned the black Monte Carlo. It was my car.

They gave me the name and the license number of the teenage male who damaged my car and tried to run away from the responsibility.

During the follow up, his insurance covered my damage. The girls were kind enough to give me their names and addresses in case I needed witnesses to testify. They did not need to.

I mailed the two girls $20 each and thanked them for their honesty. I said it gives me hope for their future and I know their parents were proud of them.

America is at a major crossroad now with a two bit con artist who files bankruptcy to escape responsibility and has lied to us over 10,000 times and spreads hate all around us. 

Half the pubic is following him like cult figures who shout "Shoot them" concerning immigrants, at his "rallies" that continue to hypnotize the crowd. 

Sad to say, but I do not see a rosy future for America with so much hate spreading like wild fire. America has lost its mind and soul, as the Republican Senate sits idly by and says nothing. 

Ronald K. Jones, Anderson 

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