There’s an internal revolution in America. Not only is it seen in society, but it’s also seen in our government. What happened in this impeachment inquiry by the Democrats was appalling. It was insurgent.

The Democrat impeachment inquiry opposed the norms of our government. Republicans were not allowed to call witnesses, constrained in their questioning, and the president did not have fair representation. It was a kangaroo court in search of some crime. The Democrats weren’t searching for truth, but for anything they could use in their impeachment scheme.

The Democrats, leftists, and mainstream media are trying to overthrow our government. Their coup efforts against President Trump started right from the beginning of his election. Their actions are about subversion to our Constitution, and outright rebellion to America’s sovereignty.

Many of the Democrats, RINO Republicans, and mainstream media are controlled by the global elitists. Many of these legislators certainly don’t serve the American citizen.

President Trump signed the USMCA bill during 2018 to vastly improve the trade situation between Canada and Mexico. This improved trade arrangement substantially benefits citizens, and will bring thousands of jobs to America. Yet, the Democrats won’t bring it to vote. They refuse to close loopholes in our immigration policies because they want open borders. They now have a socialist agenda.

Ayn Rand once stated that communism enslaved men by force while socialism did it by vote. A vote for a Democrat is now a vote for the destruction of America.

Michael Imhof, Aurora, Illinois

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