This is in response to a letter to the editor by Sam Heiser, published Sept. 19. I went to my local library last week and did some research with my own brain and my common sense. Easy. Smart. Which made me think of the Aug. 29 meeting of the Madison County BZA regarding the Lone Oak Solar Industrial Project.

We had drama, we had emotion, we had political shenanigans. But, we had little truth. Especially troubling was the twisted comparisons suggesting that a large solar industrial project in the middle of the country was good for the environment and good for the majority of the people (voters).

Your local library, your computer, and research on your part will show a company who has been involved in several lawsuits, has used dollars to buy people and communities, and has used intimidation where dollars didn't work. And you ask why would anyone be afraid of their product?

Do we need to monitor the actions and agenda of our elected and appointed officials because of what they are pushing for our county? What about the majority of people who voted for these people in good faith? Let's stop lying. If you believe it is more important for a few people to gain financially at the expense of their neighbors, for Madison County to wait 10 years to perhaps gain some extra tax revenue or to disregard the professional studies presented, just say so. Stop lying. Tell the truth. It's about the money.

Jean Mills, Frankton

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