Our democracy is always under attack by its foreign enemies and domestic enemies/traitors. These attacks are usually done by legislations that block legal voters and make voting more difficult. According to CNN Politics, more than 100 bills that would restrict voting are moving through state legislatures. This is an attack on our democracy. Gerrymandering is an attack on our democracy. Lying about election fraud is an attack on our democracy. The GOP has been committing these acts.

Senators Young and Braun opted to side with a dictator wannabe with no morals, no patriotism and no empathy for those victims at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Democracy of the United States of America was attacked and they aligned themselves with the attackers. They have failed their oath of office to protect our nation. They have spread the lies that stoked the anger of the rioting traitors. They have shown that they are unfit for office and need to be replaced by patriots who believe in their oaths of office.

There are 50 dictatorships around the world that would gladly take in those longing for a dictator. Most of them have more people leaving than coming in. We would welcome any American that gives up their U.S. citizenship to move to their nation. For propaganda reasons these relocators would most likely be treated like celebrities. Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and the other dictatorships welcome dictator seekers.

Tim Mahaffey, Middletown

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