I read with dismay Nate LaMar’s opinion (Jan. 8) piece praising Mike Pence as a profile in courage akin to JFK and John McCain. Really? Pence was instrumental in throwing the evangelical support behind a man who clearly has never been a good person. Apparently evangelicals were willing to use an imperfect man to fulfill their destiny.

Pence spent the election and four years as vice president applauding Trump and turning TrumpSpeak into something more palatable. I just searched for lies that Mike Pence told and a whole list of them appeared on Politifact. Pence might have finally found some courage when he knew overturning an election would be completely illegal, but that is not a profile in courage.

In addition, Nate LaMar says that, “Jan. 6’s breach of the U.S. Capitol was not only by die-hard Trump loyalists, but also by ‘professional protestors’ and agents provocateurs from both sides, ranging from the shirtless guy in the Viking helmet to a female U.S. Air force veteran who was shot and killed.” The Viking helmet guy is Jake Angeli, a dedicated Trump follower and QAnon conspiracy theorist. Video has now been released of the female veteran, Ashli Babbitt, with a group of screaming, angry people banging on and trying to break through a barricaded door inside the Capitol building while three guards stood in their way. Her social media accounts: pro-Trump and far-right conspiracy theory QAnon.

Factual info exists dispelling rumors that others besides pro-Trump supporters staged the insurrection. Facts matter, Mr. LaMar.

Mary Jo Williams, Anderson

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