As the September Pendleton Town Council meeting approaches, I wanted to take the time to write expressing my views on the way Pendleton has been represented since January.

It is my opinion that our town took a dramatically negative turn in January after the termination of Town Marshal Marc Farrer. What emerged following that decision was a group of supporters of Farrer who organized their efforts and supported each other in being loud, obnoxious, disrespectful, and intimidating to members of the town council, town employees, and many residents. This crowd is making a mockery of our town, town council meetings, and the democratic process.

Several members of the council have listened only to this angry mob and have failed to remember that they represent all residents of Pendleton and should act in the best interest of Pendleton. These few have chosen to take a similar path as the angry mob and taken measures to get their way with methods that are dishonest, shady, backhanded and definitely not in the best interest of the town of Pendleton as a whole.

This group of loud, outspoken people does not represent Pendleton as a whole. There are so many good, inclusive, friendly voices who are not being heard at this time. This group wishes to let you know that we are also here and ready to be heard for the good of our town. Pendleton #wearebettertogether #youarewelcomehere

Kristen Case, Pendleton

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