The Bible mentions truth over 350 times. Today it means alternate facts. Truth never changes, It’s absolute no matter what we believe. The Bible tells us Satan is the father of lies. Our “leader” is a compulsive liar. Millions believe every word.

Donald Trump was elected with help from Russia, white supremacists, and white churches. No surprise his role models are dictators. Hitler was put in power by Protestant and Catholic churches. He turned on those people and set up “his” church. They had to worship him. We know by Trump's words that our “leader” doesn’t believe he needs God’s forgiveness, never apologizes, married three times, paid off women he had affairs with, six bankruptcies, hates people who don’t have white skin, can assault women, he can do anything, military veterans are suckers and losers. Most was public knowledge in 2016.

I served in the U.S. Army 1951-1954 as a “sucker."

I have a savior. No need for another. Concerned about border security? Jesus stands at the gate of eternal life. No one enters unless they go through him. He cannot be fooled by alternate facts or fake believers. We can’t follow two paths at the same time. Jesus said “you are either for me or against me." I hope we can regain some sanity and pray for the healing of this great nation.

Ray Turner, Anderson

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