I think most, if not all, Americans are glad that Gen. Soleimani is no longer alive. But when you have President Donald Trump, who has told over 15,000 lies, saying was there was an imminent attack, you have to be skeptical.

He and his enablers have given mixed reasons for the attack, going from one embassy to four and all over the map. To me, if it was really that close to a planned attack that it would have happened even if Soleimani was dead. I doubt that he would be leading the attack. Even Republicans are upset with the reasons given.

Back in 2011 Trump said that President Barack Obama was going to start a war with Iran so that Obama could win reelection; it sounds like Trump to me. We all know that since he was elected, Trump has been trying to destroy everything that Obama has accomplished. Trump says that he will never let Iran have a nuclear weapon. We had that before Trump killed the plan, against our allies' wishes.

Trump said that he didn't brief leading Democrats because they would leak it to Iran. Then you have Republican Rep. Doug Collins saying that Democrats have cried more over Soleimani's death than Gold Star families. Nikki Haley said the same thing, and of course Fox news agreed with them. I think they are all disgusting.

Jerry L. Hodson, Anderson

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