I am surprised that The Herald Bulletin would devote its premium front-page spot (Monday, Sept. 14) to a sensationalist story that is a conspiracy hoax based on the notion that “celebrity elites” (Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Oprah, Dr. Tony Fauci, etc.) are kidnapping children, torturing and killing them, and using their bodies in weird rituals. It may be delicious fun to believe, but there is absolutely no truth to it. No evidence has been identified, no bodies of children found ... nothing. It’s occurring “right here in our own hometown?” Please! Where are the tortured children? Where are the heart-broken parents?

This tale comes to us by way of QAnon, a wild conspiracy theory that travels on the internet, as writer Demi Lawrence told us. Lawrence also noted that the stories are “unsubstantiated” and “widely debunked.” Yet, if you print it, there will be more unsuspecting and naïve people who will say, “Oh, there must be some truth in it.” Others will skip over those disclaimers and say, “It’s true; I read it in the newspaper!”

I’m sorry for the people who have been taken in by QAnon. They need a serious reality check. But it’s not front-page news.

Kay Shively, Anderson

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