The Republican assault on public education continues. Under the last three Republican governors and assemblies we have witnessed an unprecedented transfer of funds from public education to private education.

First, when Mitch Daniels was in the governor’s mansion, hundreds of millions of dollars were taken out of the education budget to “balance” the overall budget and build up the state surplus. Then the state House passed and the governor signed legislation that allowed for vouchers to be used to spend public dollars at private schools. Once that legislation was in place these Indiana Republicans became the “education” (notice the word public is missing) party.

In recent years Gov. Holcolm has promised money to increase the woefully inadequate teacher salaries in Indiana. Then he signs a budget that does increase education spending by hundreds of millions of dollars, but most of the money goes to private school vouchers and charter schools, with a pittance going to the public school system. The Republican proposal for education spending is the same this year, with the majority of the funds earmarked for vouchers.

Add the School Choice provisions pushed by the Indiana Republicans to this and you see what money is allocated to public schools is disproportionately going to predominantly white, suburban schools while school systems like Anderson Community Schools and Indianapolis Public Schools struggle with inadequate funds. So much for one Indiana for all.

Jim King, Anderson

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