Collusion is defined as secret, or illegal cooperation, or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others. That being said, then I ask mainstream media to confirm collusion in the following events.

Collusion exists when an attorney general meets in secret with the spouse of someone under investigation.

Collusion exists when the media provide questions to one candidate in advance of a presidential debate.

Collusion exists when a political party conspires with one candidate to block another candidate in their primary.

Collusion exists when a sitting president wiretaps the candidate of the opposing party to help their opponent.

Collusion exists when government officials leak classified information to the media to smear a sitting U.S. president.

Collusion exists when an FBI director hands out immunity to persons involved in a criminal investigation after they destroyed significant evidence.

Sedition is defined as incitement of resistance to, or insurrection against lawful authority. Again, I ask mainstream media to confirm sedition in the following event.

Sedition exists when a plot is premeditated, thoughtfully developed, and executed to deceitfully take out a duly elected U.S. president. That they used falsified information, manipulate the truth, and aggressively attack the U.S. president in unscrupulous manner is verified by the evidence.

Some things would be so obvious if we had honest journalism. Clearly we need to return back to a 1942 episode of "The Adventures of Superman" radio series when the phrase, “truth, justice, and the American way” was introduced to us.

If we did, then these collusion and sedition cases would be righteously dealt with.

Michael Imhof, Aurora, Illinois

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