Leave it to the Associated Press and your editorial board to turn an obituary into a "hit piece." In covering the death of Rush Limbaugh, writer Matt Sedensky was able to use words such as: "malice, wildly partisan, bombastically self promoting, sarcastic insult-laced commentary, typical immodesty, antagonism, vituperativeness, often trafficked in lies and conspiracies with contempt for his opposition that often veered into cruelty" and then goes into a whole list of misrepresentations of what Rush actually said or meant.

There is no mention of Rush's prolific (in the millions) charitable giving to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and many, many others.

No mention of Rush's kindness and generosity to callers and absolutely no mention of Rush's deep love of country, his family and his listening audience.

Thirty-nine million listeners will miss Rush, his wit, his truthful and honest analysis and yes, his wonderful ability to entertain.

Michael G. Miller, Anderson

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