As I watch the slick ads for District 5 representative, I see the slick ads for Christina Hale and think, "There's a waitress who relates." Then I realize that there's a ton of money behind these, and you know, representatives make our laws. I want a solid businesswoman, someone who fought from being an immigrant to becoming a CPA and entrepreneur and understands how things work – I don't want a billionaire-backed waitress.

I want Victoria Spartz. She understands what it takes to earn our own money, and what government can do to both help and hurt us. She can read the budgets and do the hard work, all while raising her own two girls and running her business. That's tougher, and it's a better qualification for us than merely smiling all the time. Victoria Spartz has proven she understands, that she works hard for us; that's why I want her in the House, helping us survive and grow.

Tim Kern, Anderson

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