Per The Herald Bulletin on Jan. 7, Glenn and Peggy Hall attended a Washington, D.C. “rally,” the purpose of which was to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s election. (Note there was no voter fraud). This certification is required and not an option.

Mr. Hall claims where he was there were “good people." But these good people followed their leader, Mr. Trump, who has made false claims of voter fraud and has indicated in the past that violence may be necessary to prevent Mr. Biden’s certification. Also the Proud Boys led the “rally” and they have often indicated violence may break out. And the QAnon conspiracy theorists were present. What did Mr. Hall think was going on? He stated that it just takes “one or two” people to mess things up. It is too bad that he cannot count. I saw hundreds inside the Capitol Building committing vandalism and thousands breaking through the fence barriers and advancing up the Capitol steps and breaking windows and other acts of vandalism.

Stephen J. Smith, Anderson

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