Thanks and congratulations to the Madison County Health Department for the way they handled the COVID vaccinations. My wife and I had managed to get a vaccination appointment almost two months away. But then, someone from the Health Department called and asked if it was OK to move the appointment up. Of course it was OK. We got scheduled for an appointment for Feb. 2.

The vaccination site was easy to get to and well run. They had sufficient staff, the appointments were properly spaced and there was almost no waiting in line. The longest wait was the 15 minutes waiting period following the injection. The nurse giving the shot, knew what she was doing. She was pleasant and professional. After hearing about some of the horrible experiences at other sites I was apprehensive, but this was a good experience.

Again, my thanks and congratulations to all those who were involved in the planning, preparation and administration of the vaccinations; they did a good job.

Paul Lund, Anderson

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