The gentle heart of Nancy Moneyhun stopped beating last week and she passed away. It was a sad but yet honored moment to attend her funeral life celebration at First Presbyterian Church. The sanctuary was full of people who adored her and the service gave appreciation to her life.

After the committal moment and when driving home, I began thinking a little deeper about Nancy and her influence in our community. She was a tender heart who had a soft quietness, but when she spoke everybody paid attention. As the owner of Moneyhun's Fine Gifts, she was impeccable with follow through and trustworthy. She had a special kindness that was so noticeable and well received by every person she encountered.

A few years ago she had a serious stroke and went through a lengthy period of rehab. She got up, brushed it off and continued life as if nothing very serious ever happened. That is, except to walk with a cane. The cane may have slowed her a bit, but always ready on the go. She was not a complainer. A hard worker and loved life and it showed. Honesty was in her purse. She loved the Anderson Rotary Club and was consistently involved. Nancy believed in the powerful Rotary motto, "service above self." Something she lived and practiced. Helping the first grade students at Tenth Street Elementary learn better how to read was on her schedule. Her involvement with the Rotary Interact high school students brought joy to her heart and a real sense of purpose. 

Dr. Charles Shumate, Anderson

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