There’s nothing like a pandemic to remind all of us that we’re all neighbors on our one and only planet. The coronavirus victims are humans and if you are a member of humanity, you are in its crosshairs. If humans are smart, thoughtful and truthful, the new virus doesn’t have to be a very bad pandemic. Avoiding gatherings and practicing good personal hygiene are two smart parts of ending a virus. Being thoughtful of others and quarantine yourself if you’re ill or have been around someone that you know has the coronavirus. Being truthful by not hiding facts about the virus and numbers of infected. Being stupid, inconsiderate and untruthful will spread this virus fast and furious to people unnecessarily.

There is lots to learn from this pandemic to be ready for the next. Mistakes were made leading up to the new coronavirus. Firing the U.S. pandemic response team, they’re important in stopping a pandemic from reaching our shores. Cutting the budget for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they’re important as our defense against pandemics. Trading these safeguards for tax cuts for the very wealth, that should have never happened. Cuts to the CDC and the pandemic response team should have to pass the House and Senate to take effect.

Having mobile hospital tents that can house a million people in quarantine should be put in storage. Millions of face masks should be stockpiled, and it looks like toilet paper also. Hopefully survivors learn and grow closer as a human race.

Tim Mahaffey, Middletown 

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