After listening to part of the Republican National Convention, they would have you believe that if Joe Biden is elected we won't be safe in our homes and neighborhoods. Crime will be rampant and no one will be safe.

I think someone should remind Donald Trump and Mike Pence that the violence in the streets is going on during their administration. They want to claim that Antifa is the problem, when Politico has shown that 90% of hate crimes in 2020 are by white nationalists.

We did not have all the protests going on when President Obama and Joe Biden were in charge, nor did anyone lose their guns, including me. Trump has been in charge of the COVID-19 pandemic, his first real test of leadership, and he has totally been a disaster. He has been a snake oil salesman and saying it will just go away on its own. How is that working out? He was left a plan by the Obama administration to watch and be prepared for any future pandemics, and he tossed it in the trash. Now he talks how he is doing a great job. Really? More than 190,000 Americans have died, and expecting that total to rise.

Trump inherited a growing economy and more jobs were gained in the last three years of the Obama-Biden administration than has been created in the first three years of the Trump-Pence administration. Yet Trump says he inherited a mess. Of course, just one more lie adding to the over 22,000 lies he has spewed.

Jerry L. Hodson, Anderson

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