The Trump legacy in political terms is this: The control of the House went to the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi in 2018.

The control of the Senate now belongs to the Democrats with Chuck Schumer deciding what legislation gets voted on with Kamala Harris delivering a vote to break all ties.

The presidency staff is controlled by the Democrats and Joe Biden as president.

This means the Democrats will have two years for sure to legislate for the average working man or woman. There will be a new stimulus package for sure to help the unemployed and small businesses.

Mr. Trump's legacy will be that he destroyed the lock solid control of all three branches of government that were controlled by Republicans in 2016, to a solid control of government to the Democrats in his four years in office. Sounds like to me that he has became a one-man wrecking ball.

Sometimes a person can be the own worse enemy. I believe this was his downfall.

Just deposit my stimulus check into my account and I promise to spend it all locally.

Ronald K. Jones, Anderson

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