As the dying embers smolder in the mist of the early morn, the pieces of the Constitution scatter on the heels of a cold breeze. Her restoration will be tedious. It will happen one piece at a time. Their singed edges, a constant reminder of our divisiveness, but also, that we are a government of the people, by the people, for the people, and it shall not perish on the winds of adversity.

Our voting system is the heart and soul of our democracy. It is what separates us from autocrats and dictators. By the voice of many do we govern, not the voice of one.

As Jon Meecham said: The best of us is on display and the worst of us. Yes, there are words on parchment, yes there are statutory laws, but as a collective diverse group, you respect the process."

The Civil War brought the burning of Atlanta. On Jan. 6, Donald Trump brought to Atlanta his “Unrelenting War” against truth in an attempt to burn our democracy. He failed.

On Jan. 6, 12 Republicans did his bidding, rejecting self-evident truths for personal gain. That is autocracy not democracy.

Sande Williams, Anderson

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