We do not have a Visa credit card. This is a warning to people who use a Visa credit card. We have received three robocalls on our answering machine that says:

"We are calling you to tell you that your order from Amazon is being shipped today. If you just hang up, the order is on the way, if you dispute this, call the number to cancel."

If you call the number, they will try to get you to give them your Visa credit card number over the phone. It's a scam. If you give them your Visa credit card number, you will be fleeced, probably before you can even get off the phone as they have a network of thieves who are ready to exploit your credit card. The corporations could stop this harassment through our phones, but the DO NOT CALL phrase is ignored by AT&T.

America is turning into something very negative. It's up to its citizens to find common ground and common sense as our government has dropped the ball with leadership, especially with the COVID virus. We are on our own in this world of greed and selfishness. 

Ronald K. Jones, Anderson

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