One of my favorite quotes is from a former auto executive who said, “common sense is not all that common.”

Many in the new Republican Party are proving his point. We are witnessing the destruction of our Constitution and democracy. We are witnessing this devastation while the Republicans view it through some kind of distorted reality and chant “wonderful, wonderful wonderful.”

I believe the number of unrest that we are seeing in this country and around the world is a much larger frustration issue than just the police murdering of George Floyd. His mistreatment and murder was not a first for blacks in this country. It was not even the first this year or first last month. I believe what we are seeing in this country and the world is a rebuke of America because of its immature and ineffective leadership. Thanks to former Defense Secretary General James Mattis for calling it out. While we should remember George Floyd, we should also remember those who supported the country’s demise in silence, fear or ignorance.

Milton Beach, Kokomo

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