You recently asked, "How much did Donald Trump cause the Capitol riot with his speech?"

You need to follow up with a few more questions.

How much did Nancy Pelosi cause the Capitol riots showing off her gourmet ice cream, while thousands of citizens had no money for food because she held up bringing a COVID-19 relief bill to the House for eight months to affect the election outcome? (She admitted this on television).

How much did liberal mayors and governors and "fake news" cause the Capitol riot because all last summer as they approved of and contributed to "mostly peaceful demonstrations" in burning big cities?

How much did corrupt election officials cause the Capitol riot because of corrupt illegal election practices in many states (and there have been thousands of affidavits filed about this)? I think it was best stated "It used to be said, if you don't like what they're doing, vote them out." But many people feel like this has been taken away from them now.

Rioting is not the answer, but who really caused it?

David Hooper, Anderson

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