Now that President Trump faces possible impeachment, brace yourselves for him to add more lies to the 12,000-plus he has told since his inauguration. He has already lied several times about the phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky, and several of his surrogates, like Mike Pompeo, have also lied about their involvement in that scandalous behavior. And Rudy Giuliani? Who can believe anything he says these days?

Is there really anyone, now, among the denizens of the White House who can be trusted to always tell the truth? And now Trump has raised the stakes by publicly asking China to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

But are any Republicans stepping up to condemn what is clearly a violation of Trump's oath of office and a shattering of the norms of the presidency? Aside from a very few courageous Republicans like Mitt Romney, most Republicans officials either remain silent or defend Trump with feeble claims – that the China remarks were a joke, for instance. Furthermore, any investigation of this most narcissistic president is a "witch hunt" or – even more unbelievably – a "coup"? And the whistleblower and Rep. Adam Schiff are "traitors" or "spies" and should be put to death?

As Brian Howey wrote in a recent Howey Report, "Whew!" When will Republicans remember their constitutional duties? When will they realize what a disaster Donald Trump is and cut their losses by refusing to defend indefensible misbehavior?

Stephen Guy, Daleville

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