Republican Trump supporters watching the House impeachment inquiry have heard powerful, often damning testimony from impressive –and unimpeachable – witnesses like Maria Yovanovich, Dr. Fiona Hill, David Holmes, and Ambassador Gordon Sondland. Their testimony clearly lays out President Donald Trump's scheme, aided by White House advisers and Rudy Giuliani, to force Ukrainian President Zelensky to open investigations of the president's political opponent, Joe Biden.

This obvious abuse of power may also be seen as bribery since there was clearly a quid pro quo involved – even Trump's defenders in the administration have admitted as much, then unconvincingly dismissed it as unimportant, not an impeachable offense. But what about the White House's refusal to let several key people testify, its ignoring subpoenas for documents, and the president's attacks on and threats against witnesses – even while one, Ambassador Yovanovich, testified?

These are not the behaviors of someone innocent. If the president is innocent, why refuse to cooperate – an impeachable offense in itself? Why not provide proof that nothing wrong has been done? Finally, if all this evidence has not convinced you of President Trump's wrongdoing, consider this: How would House and Senate Republicans have behaved if Barack Obama had done anything like what Trump has done? If you think Republicans should have impeached and removed Obama in that situation, you should demand that Trump be impeached and removed from office. Any other response strikes me as a dangerous level of partisanship.

Stephen Guy, Daleville

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