For thinking people, refusing to turn over a full Mueller report, tax filings, business records and telling people not to testify is obstruction of justice in a free democratic nation under constitutional law. But, if you believe our pathological liar President is telling the truth, here is how you can help him.

Push him to release all the filings, records and full Mueller report, plus don’t stop people from testifying. This will rub Trump’s claim of innocence in the faces of the people he calls fake news, elite liberals, corrupt FBI, corrupt CIA, politically guided Justice Department.

Also, it will prove he’s not guilty of double-digit felonies he’ll face once out of office. You know, insurance fraud, tax evasion, blackmail, corrupt business practices, bribery, election fraud, etc., are all serious crimes with long prison terms for all involved.

Throw in treason with a foreign enemy, and the death penalty is on the table for all involved. So, if you want to see justice be served, then go to your next Trump rally and start chanting “Show them everything.”

From 1985 to 1994, Trump lost well over a billion dollars and only paid income tax two of those 10 years. The real art of the deal is the con.

Tim Mahaffey