Evidently Michael Imhof's letter on Jan. 15 shows he is not up to date on current news. Hillary Clinton was completely cleared of any wrongdoing earlier in the year. The president and his base owe her an apology for the chant "lock her up" but an apology will not come, decency has left the White House. Mr. Imhof might be watching Fox too much.

To get current and believable news are cable stations CNN, NBC, MSNBC and an excellent radio station, NPR 90.1 FM, also reading your local newspaper. In fact, in the Jan. 24 paper, an article worth reading "Waterways more vulnerable to pollution after Mr. Trump's rollback." Shame on him, he doesn't seem to care about people, at least some people, climate change, the environment or animal welfare. I hope people will become more informed and help restore our only earth. Be sure to vote and, if you keep yourself informed, hopefully you will vote wisely.

Joan Luntsford, Anderson

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