Independence, freedom and justice doesn’t come free and the cost never goes down.

With two-thirds of U.S. companies paying no federal income tax and add on the wealthy Americans like our president not paying federal income tax and it equals trillions of dollars. So, when Republicans whine about there’s no money to fund Democrats' health care and educational programs that would benefit all Americans, as usual they’re lying. These people pay zero income tax into fire and police protection, zero into our military’s protection and zero into all federal government.

You and me and undocumented workers pay income tax that help run our government, while our richest citizens are freeloading. Who deserves to be kicked out of our nation? Those with yachts and jets and five homes but they can’t pay income tax, or those working their rears off and paying income taxes? There are 100 CEOs that have amassed more retirement savings than 41% of all Americans put together. I guess not paying income tax pads the retirement account if you’re a greedy unAmerican.

These wealthy freeloaders couldn’t have bled this nation of hundreds of trillions of dollars over the years without help. The Republican Party and the conservative media like Fox News help greatly with their control over the dumbest Americans.

Democrats pushing ideas like health care and free higher education for all makes us healthier and smarter, not socialist. When the GOP fully steps out of the closet, then we’ll have socialist, National Socialist Party.

Tim Mahaffey, Middletown