The Iranian situation warrants keen concern since negotiations are not going to work with this nation. The most practical way to undermine the Iranian government, which plans to trigger nuclear hostilities in the world, is to work diligently in encouraging and supporting an internal revolt against the Islamic leadership. America, as in other matters, seriously needs God’s divine assistance in this one.

As I say this, I ponder America’s relationship with God. It pretends to have a relationship with the true God, but in essence, serves the gods of humanism, hedonism and secularism.

You see, the American government continues to remain steadfast on unwise and ungodly policies. Roe vs. Wade should have been reversed years ago; although, it still remains in effect. America, although it should not be doing so, continues to pressure Israel to break its covenant with God. Support of humanistic and immoral policies continues to be steadfast.

How seriously did 9/11 affect the church in America? How seriously did losing New Orleans to Katrina affect the church in America? There are many in the church of America not willing to live a life of repentance and change from the ways of the world.

I foresee America eventually falling to its knees and coming to repentance; however, it may come at great cost when that cost could have been totally avoided. Why? It’s because it replaced the true God with the gods of humanism, hedonism, and secularism while pretending to serve the true God.

Michael Imhof


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