John McCain, aka McSame, may protest that he hates war, but no American leader has promoted it more avidly, claims Matthew Yglesias. Demanding more troops in Iraq and the Balkans, advocating preventive war against Iran, Syria and North Korea, McCain is not only the most hawkish neocom on the horizon but genuinely sees war as America’s most ennobling enterprise.

Rather than hating war, McSame sees it as integral to the greatness of the U.S., and military service as the highest calling imaginable.

Gen. Petraeus told Congress the surge has worked, but he failed to say that it has worked at home politically far better than it has in Iraq. The truth is simple. We’re stuck in Iraq indefinitely and this is what McCain wants. And the corporate, Republican-owned media is giving McSame a free ride, while the Straight Talk Express is all over the road as McSame dreams about the principle he once rode on a White Horse.

Anna Quindlen got to the essence of McSame’s biggest problem: “There was a time when McCain had positions. Then he ran for president ...” Today, he has none because everything is “up for grabs.”

Maverick? This is only the media’s myth. A more accurate portrait of McCain comes from his voting record and campaign contributions. He flip-flops on issues and pals with Charles Keating, and he pimps his POW story for political gain.

Why does Teflon John McSame get a free pass?

Bill J. Paschal


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