Before our beloved former UAW 662 President David Tierney passed away on Dec. 22 he spent about 16 or 18 months at Sugar Fork Crossing assisted-living facility.

I met Dave 55 years ago. My wife and I were just married in the summer of 1965 and moved into a trailer park out on Highway 67, now 53rd Street today, where Dave and his wife were living. There were buffalo living in the field where the vocational school is today. Dave never changed a bit in those 55 years, never met a stranger and never looked down on anyone.

Dave was a proud and dedicated UAW member. He served UAW Local 662 as executive board member, trustee, vice president, and president. He was also a trustee of the UAW 662 Retiree Chapter.

He received the Walter Reuther Distinguished Service Award from the UAW International Union.

Dave was a lifetime member of the NAACP. He was also a dedicated member of the Rooster Club and Madison County Democratic Party. The best thing about Dave was if anyone ever needed help with anything Dave was there to lend a hand.

A month or so earlier David contracted COVID-19 and it took all his energy, but he beat it and was COVID free. I sat with Dave on Monday, Dec. 21. As the nurse left his room I touched his hand with my ice cold hand and he recoiled and slapped my hand three times, so I knew he was still lucid. He couldn't answer, he was so weak, but I reminded him of the time he took my youngest son Ted back East to Brockton, Massachussetts, Dave's hometown, with him. I told him Ted would be there to welcome him home if he wanted to go. I told him my other son's wife was taking good care of Whiskers. I prayed the Lord's Prayer with him and though I'm not Catholic I prayed the Hail Mary with/for him. I forgave his sins as much as one friend can forgive the sins of another. His breathing softened and I said goodbye to my good friend and brother, Dave. The next day he was gone.

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