The great health care debate is on in America. The Medicare-for-all plans by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, either one of those plans, will truly make America great again. If you are on Social Security and Medicare, like I am, you are a good old American Socialist.

A few months ago the Rand Corp. did a study and it showed that hospitals in Indiana charge the highest prices in the nation; no surprise there. A typical emergency room visit in the state of Michigan is $800. In Indiana it is $2,200. The hospitals here in Anderson charge some of the highest prices in the country. The big insurance companies have their high co-pays and deductibles to keep you from going to the hospital and doctors.

I talked to a couple the other day that owe a hospital in Anderson $12,000 because of co-pays and deductibles. I had about the same amount or hours in the hospital as one of them did; I owed nothing. I am on that bad old Medicare-for-all plan. I am on Medicare; they have private insurance.

I am tired of the voters of Indiana voting to send these fanatic, conservative politicians to Washington that will destroy Medicare and Social Security the first chance they get. If you have a problem with Medicare, then get yourself off of it, get you some private insurance.

About a year ago I watched the CBS “60 Minutes” news program. Two executives were on the program that used to be with a couple of the big pharmaceutical companies. The two executives said those companies knew the opioid pills they were producing were killing American citizens at an alarming rate. The two executives said, and these are their words, “That those companies murdered 200,000 thousand American citizens.” What should be the penalty for these greedy business executives? In most countries it would be the death penalty.

The so-called not-for-profit hospital industry in Indiana turns out to be the most profitable business in Indiana. The hospital industry has stashed away $27 billion, yes billions, of dollars here in Indiana, to invest in Wall Street, not on Indiana Main Streets. The only investment in the communities where the hospitals are located are the wonderful workers that work there.

This multi-billion dollar hospital industry in Indiana pays no property tax, no income tax, next-to-nothing utilities.

The people that are sick in Madison County today with the flu, a child burning up with fever and you have private insurance, most of you are not going to the emergency room, because you know as soon as you walk through the door you are going to be hit with those big co-pays and deductibles, and a few weeks later you are going to be hit with a credit collection agency, because you weren’t paying the bill fastest enough.

Remember Medicare for all, no co-pays, no deductibles.

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