After reading President Trump’s supporters’ letters to the editor on Sept. 27 I feel compelled to respond. The first writer said the economy has ups and downs, but Pinocchio has started a foolish trade war that is sticking taxpayers with a new tax. Yes, Donald Trump is a real genius for a man who has gone bankrupt several times and is going to bankrupt this country with his tax cuts for the rich.

The second writer said Democrats should stop whining because Trump has done everything he has set out to do. Really? Trump said he will build his stupid wall and Mexico will pay for it. No, he is taking money from the military budget that will hurt our soldiers and their families. He said he would have a big middle-class tax cut that actually went to him and his rich friends. Remember that after it passed he told all his rich friends at Mar-a-Largo that they are now even richer. Pinocchio even said that he will have a wonderful health plan that will be cheaper and better than the Affordable Care Act. All he and Republicans have done is try to kill the ACA and have no replacement. He is also ruining the environment with his rollback of efforts to give us clean air and water. You tell me what he has accomplished other than undermining the Constitution.

The third writer said that Democrats have no reason to impeach Trump. Trump has reached out to a foreign government to help in his re-election, which is against the law. He even told Russians in the White House that he does not care if they interfere in our elections. The most sacred rule of our country. He has violated the emoluments clause many times over to enrich himself and his family. He is supposed to have his business in a blind trust, and instead made his son in charge. Only a fool would believe that his son does not keep him informed. Trump also has had people and government employees use his resorts when they are on government trips to enrich him. If a president ever needed impeached it is this one.

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