My sister and I witnessed the C-SPAN showing of Jan. 6 from 1 to 10:30 p.m. We had hoped to update our education with a current civics lesson and, instead, were horrified to see the orderly change of presidents turn into insurrection. It was a great relief to see the wisdom, courage and reliance of Congress as it returned to complete its job for that day. At 10:30 I felt safe enough to go to bed, knowing Congress would complete the constitutionally prescribed event.

However, the result of the impeachment trial was disappointing.

For two years at a school where I taught, I had the misfortune to know a high school student who was a pathological liar.

A pathological liar is one who lies when it would be easier, simpler, and more logical to tell the truth. Unfortunately, No. 45 is such a person. Such people are extremely unreliable and quickly turn on people who believe themselves to be that person’s friend or colleague.

From the evidence presented by the House managers, led by Rep. Jamie Raskin, and what I saw on C-SPAN, I believe members of Congress had that experience on Jan. 6. Their lives were in danger. It was an experience that never should have happened, humiliating not only to them but also to every law-abiding Hoosier represented by them.

Our Constitution makes it very clear that freedom of speech does not eliminate a president’s obligation to uphold his or her oath of office. It is all in black and white and can be read in any encyclopedia in any library in the United States: Britannica, Americana, etc. Personally, I used the World Book to look it up.

Further, No. 45 needed this lesson in respecting boundaries since he has never had the opportunity to learn it before. In undergoing this experience, he may actually have taken a step toward growing up. At least he would have had the opportunity.

The people of Indiana elected our senators because we believed them to be men of wisdom and courage. We have been let down.

However, they will have a chance to redeem themselves by voting for the For the People Act 2021 (H.R. 1) which was passed by the House and then goes to the Senate.

The key anti-corruption, pro-democracy provisions of this act are, as stated by Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, as follows:

• To call for a constitutional amendment to require dark money groups to disclose their donors, and to replace the present campaign system with one that relies on small donors and public matching funds.

• To protect average citizens’ right to vote by overturning voter suppression laws, enacting automatic voter registration, ending partisan gerrymandering, and promoting early voting.

• To require all presidents to reveal their tax returns and sell off business interests.

• To impose new ethics rules on lobbyists.

These steps would protect our freedoms as the founding fathers intended, cut campaign costs, and the time involved for campaigns as well.

To learn more you can check, and you can read the entire text of the bill by Googling the For the People Act of 2021.

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