It should come as no surprise that Donald Trump continues to behave in an erratic, sometimes delusional, and typically aggressive and mean-spirited way, worrying more about what ugly nickname he can call Kamala Harris instead of trying to do something useful to stem the coronavirus pandemic. What sort of grownup resorts to childish name-calling instead of trying to persuade people of the rightness of his or her ideas? And now, reprising his baseless claims that Barack Obama was not a citizen, he is trying to suggest that Harris also wasn’t born in this country. It’s idiotic.

Beyond these juvenile shenanigans, Trump is also hard at work trying to destroy an American institution that, unlike him, enjoys over 90% approval: the U.S. Postal Service. Why? Because it supposedly gives Jeff Bezos too good a deal (a falsehood)? Because it’s somehow failing and deeply in debt (also a falsehood)? Because it won’t properly handle the millions of mail-in ballots that will soon be coming its way? (That will happen only if Trump undermines it, as he seems intent on doing.) Because those ballots will be fraudulent somehow (an egregious falsehood with no evidence to support the claim)? And what of the millions of Americans, especially older Americans, who depend on the USPS for their prescriptions? Let them eat cake – or cheeseburgers? Trump needs to fire the recently appointed postmaster general – a wealthy donor whose financial interests will improve if he destroys the USPS – and appoint someone we all can trust.

Furthermore, in the battle against the pandemic, why is Trump still pushing disproven remedies and sidelining widely trusted medical experts to replace them with hacks who are more willing to agree with Trump’s wrongheaded ideas about the virus and its effects?

And in the midst of what is clearly the worst presidency in living memory, Trump adviser Peter Navarro claims on national television that Trump is the hardest working president in our history. When I heard that, I had to wonder about Navarro’s clarity of mind. After all, if you subtract all the hours Trump spends watching TV and tweeting and playing golf and calling in to Fox News, I suspect he puts in not the 17-, 18-, and 20-hour days President Obama regularly put in, but something more like a 20-hour week.

The president needs to stop fighting the cultural wars and start being a real president – everybody’s president. He needs to stop claiming that all is well, to stop demeaning all the people who have died under his watch (“It is what it is.” Really?) and to stop interfering in the smooth running of the upcoming election.

All across the country, election officials assert that there is virtually no fraudulent voting, yet Trump continues to claim that there was widespread fraud in the 2016 election and that widespread voter fraud is likely in the 2020 election, especially if mail-in ballots are allowed – all without one shred of evidence. The president’s behavior is, frankly, appalling.

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