Dear President Bush, 

Over half of our society is against you right now. You are being openly attacked, mocked and ridiculed on a daily basis. Yet we must understand that to live by the ultimate ideal of America — which is freedom — we must be willing to defend that freedom from those countries whose ultimate desire is to strip of that freedom. You are not a war monger, as some would have us believe, nor are you apathetic towards the lives of our military men and women who are fighting the front lines. You realize that freedom comes at a price and you are willing to pay that price to keep our country free. Yes, the price is high, yet if we did not act accordingly to the terrorists, the price would be much higher. It is popular and convenient for others to attack you. Yet what is popular is often not right, and what is convenient is often the least effective approach to take.

You are willing to do what is unpopular and what is greatly inconvenient for the ultimate well being of our society. We need to be reminded that the most despised president in our country’s history is now our most beloved and revered: Abraham Lincoln. Yet the voices who hated him have all long died and been forgotten, yet Lincoln’s glory remains. It will be the same with you. In this quick-fix society that we live in, it will take a few years to recognize what a great president you were and are.

Those who fail to recognize greatness, do so, because they fail to have greatness within them to begin with. Regardless of political affiliation, all Americans should stand behind you now as you fervently forge our freedom for all of us. 

Sean Baltz is an Anderson resident.

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