There’s plenty wrong with George W. Bush’s America, but Anderson Republicans won’t speak up. Why? In the Bush regime, disagreeing is seen as being disloyal.

Bush’s job-approval rating has gone south, and there’s a constant dismay among Americans of all stripes. He has lost the country. Americans disapprove of what Bush passes off as policy in Iraq, but his ego says, “I ain’t gonna back down — you’re doing a heckuva job, Rummy!” (Just what he said about Brownie’s performance with Katrina.)

I’m getting many responses from what I write in newspapers. What’s different is that most are coming from “lifelong Republicans,” former Bush supporters and even veterans — and the numbers are greater than ever.

Many parents and teachers tell me that No Child Left Behind is worthless; that the FDA has morphed from science to politics; that the GOP still claims that it is the Democrats who are the big spenders, as Republicans spend us to both record deficits and record spending. Who will speak for the Republicans? Mike Pence? What a joke!

Who will speak for Anderson’s right-wingers? We have a leadership vacuum today, and all the big mouths in Anderson are doing is trading leadership for political strategy, a.k.a. the “culture war.” That is, let’s debate prayer, evolution, abortion, gays and anything that ignores Bush’s lies and lack of leadership. What about right now? “The alarm is ringing,” says Anna Quindlen, but Anderson’s Republicans have the snooze button pushed, hoping time will pass fact.

Bill J. Paschal


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