I would like to ask the city administration the same questions as Larry Robbins plus make these comments. Recently the administration was asking to be applauded for subsidizing, to the tune of $4.5 million, the Nestle company coming to the Anderson area, thereby creating 300 jobs which would be filled by people from the surrounding area, not just from Anderson alone.

Now as a turn-around act, the administration is prepared to put our city in debt for $21 million to eliminate the jobs of 11 Andersonians and acquire the expense of maintaining a possible electronic nightmare in the future. What is with them, do they wish to create jobs or eliminate jobs?

Why not use that $21 million and the interest it would draw, to pay those 11 meter reading people and hire four more to help them. Keep Andersonians employed and quit finding ways to increase our taxes.

Ray Reeder


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