Once again our Congressman Mike Pence turns his back on us. The Federal Energy Price Protection Act HR 5253 was passed on a 389 to 34 expedited vote (super majority).

It makes price gouging in the sale of fuels punishable. Several times in the last year this legislation came forward and was stopped by the Republican-controlled Congress. This year, an election year and gas and fuel prices rising by leaps and bounds HR 5253 was passed by the super majority but without the help of Congressman Mike Pence.

I wonder if his stake in the families Kiel Oil Co. had anything to do with his vote against the consumers that are suffering from high fuel prices. I'm sure he has an excuse so tell it to these people Mike.

For instance, if you work for minimum wage you can only buy 1.4 gallons of gas after taxes on an hours wage. If you drive 20 miles one way to work and get 15 mpg on your old beater you use 2.6 gallons of gas. You work 1.82 hours to drive to work each day or 9.1 hours per week and then have to pay a $300 heating bill which consumes 72.8 hours of pay. This equals 109.2 hours per month out of 160 hours total just for fuel. You go figure how these people are surviving Mike.

To see how Pence voted, click on this: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2006/roll115.xml

Let’s vote for Barry Welsh in the fall. www.barrywelsh.org

Fred Davis


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