I hate politics because it’s like crime in real life: the innocent are punished, and the guilty go free. We’ve already forgotten Hillary’s lies about Bosnia, NAFTA and the affidavit she signed saying she would not campaign in Florida and Michigan. If the press gave her the same scrutiny as Barack Obama she’d be asked how she can say she’s on the side of the working class and still say she’ll continue taking money from lobbyists.  She says “they represent real Americans.” Real Americans like her backers J. Mack of Morgan Stanley and Rupert Murdoch? If the feminists stuck to their principles, they’d be grilling her on how she can embrace good old boy tactics such as no dialogue with Cuba, North Korea or Iran, and how she can vow to “obliterate” Iran if it attacks Israel, no matter what the reason.  

Even The New York Times --- that did this country the ultimate disservice of leading us into this war with their administration shills --- now says Hillary’s tactics are destructive to the party and the nation.

Jerry Zeifman supervised 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the Nixon Impeachment committee. He fired her for violating the defendant’s right to representation. He gave as his reasons, unethical conduct, lying, theft and suppression of documents and violation of the rules of the Senate and the Constitution. He refused to give her a letter of recommendation. During the Clinton presidency she refused to distance herself from a husband who philandered, illegally obtained over 900 confidential FBI files, took money in exchange for pardons, operated the Health Care Task Force in violation of federal disclosure laws and was disbarred for life for perjuring himself on the witness stand.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Google Clinton and Chris Mathews in “Maggie’s Notebook,” The Progressive Review “Alzheimer’s In Arkansas,” “Absolute Power” by David Limbaugh, Clinton Lies To Tim Russert, “The Clinton Chronicles” video, and Clinton Oldthinker news, and any other site under Clinton, Lies, Fraud, Corruption and you will see that Hillary is a sociopath hiding a bottomless greed for power behind her image of herself as Rocky Balboa.  

But “Rocky” is a movie, and in real life liars, cheaters and criminals are only tough when they’re winning, and they are never heroic. They just don’t have feelings for anybody but themselves.

Dennis Williams is an Anderson resident.

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